The Importance of Waste Management in Businesses

In today’s world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance their operations, reduce costs, and improve their environmental footprint. One often overlooked but critical aspect of achieving these goals is effective waste management. Waste management is not just about discarding rubbish; it’s a comprehensive strategy that encompasses the collection, transportation, […]

Reducing Costs and Energy Consumption for the New School Year

As the new school year kicks off, educational institutions face a host of challenges, including budget constraints and environmental concerns. One way to address both issues simultaneously is by focusing on cost reduction and energy consumption. By implementing smart strategies, schools can not only save money but also contribute to […]

Why Cost Reduction is in High Demand for Businesses

In today’s fiercely competitive and dynamic business landscape, enterprises face constant challenges in staying profitable and maintaining a competitive edge. Among the myriad of strategies available, cost reduction stands out as an indispensable practice for businesses across all sectors. Companies strive to optimise their operations and maximise their bottom line, […]

Navigating the Importance of Emergency Lighting Compliance

In the realm of safety and preparedness, emergency lighting compliance stands as a critical component. It’s not just about checking boxes; it’s about ensuring that when the unexpected strikes, people have a clear and safe path to follow. Emergency lighting compliance involves adhering to regulations and standards set forth by […]

Powering Success: Smart Tips for Procuring Energy

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, energy procurement plays a pivotal role in the success of large enterprises. As energy costs continue to rise and environmental concerns gain prominence, adopting an efficient and sustainable energy procurement strategy is no longer just a choice, but a necessity. Here some essential tips […]

The Urgent Call to Use Less: Battling Climate Change Amidst Europe’s Ongoing Wildfires

As the world grapples with the alarming consequences of climate change, Europe finds itself in the midst of a blazing crisis that serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to change our ways. The ongoing wildfires sweeping through various parts of Europe not only demand immediate attention but […]

The Hidden Benefits of a Swimming Pool Survey

When it comes to owning or managing a swimming pool, safety, functionality, and efficiency are paramount. Many pool owners and operators often overlook the importance of conducting regular swimming pool surveys. These surveys provide a comprehensive assessment of the pool’s condition, identifying potential issues, and offering valuable insights. In this […]

The Significance of Cost Reduction in Schools Amidst Increased Teacher Salaries

The recent decision by the government to increase teachers’ salaries is a commendable step towards recognizing the valuable contributions of educators. As schools celebrate this positive development, it is essential to remember that maintaining a balanced financial ecosystem is crucial for their long-term sustainability. Ensuring Financial Stability While higher salaries […]

The Sustainable Advantage: Exploring the Benefits of Buying a Sustainable Franchise

In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness have become increasingly important, individuals and businesses are seeking ways to make a positive impact. Buying a sustainable franchise presents a unique opportunity to combine entrepreneurship with a commitment to sustainability. Let’s delve into the benefits of buying a sustainable franchise and […]

Unlocking Efficiency and Reliability: The Benefits of a Boiler Survey in Businesses

Boilers play a crucial role in many businesses, providing essential heating and hot water systems. They are the unsung heroes behind our comfort, productivity, and operational success. However, like any mechanical system, boilers require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure they operate efficiently and safely. This is where a comprehensive […]

Unlocking Growth and Innovation: The Power of R&D Tax Credits

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, innovation and technological advancements play a pivotal role in driving growth and maintaining a competitive edge. Research and Development (R&D) initiatives lie at the heart of these endeavours, serving as the catalyst for groundbreaking discoveries, product improvements, and process optimizations. To foster innovation and […]

The Power of Monitoring and Metering: Unveiling the Benefits of Energy Usage Awareness

In an era where energy consumption and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of global concerns, understanding and managing our energy usage has become more important than ever. Monitoring and metering energy usage are two powerful tools that empower individuals and businesses to take control of their energy consumption. By […]

Shine Brighter and Save Money: The Top Benefits of LED Lighting!

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards energy-efficient lighting solutions, with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology emerging as a clear winner. LED lighting has revolutionized the way we illuminate our homes, offices, and public spaces. This blog explores the numerous benefits of switching to LED lighting, ranging from […]

Harness the power of the Sun!

In an era of advancing technology and a growing concern for the environment, solar energy has emerged as a viable solution to the world’s energy needs. The sun, a seemingly infinite source of power, holds the key to a sustainable future. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and abundant, making it […]

Energy saving tips this Christmas & it’s connection with the Circle of Using Less

With energy bills remaining at all-time highs, households and organisations across the UK are looking for ways to save energy at Christmas.

Energy saving story for half term, the importance of metering!

Not long ago I was walking around a school with the maintenance manager two days after the school finished for half term.     Whilst walking around discussing an upcoming project we were working with them on, we took a look into the sports hall, and he noticed he hadn’t switched off […]

We need to change from only 2/3 people in an organisation worrying about how to use less to every stakeholder taking responsibility.

“The idea is to help change old habits into new sustainable ones. We need to change from only 2/3 people in the school worrying about how to ‘Use Less’ to every stakeholder taking responsibility.” Nigel Ward I have had some great feedback on the above paragraph recently as it really […]

UK drought – Save water, save our planet!

If temperatures weren’t bad enough this summer, remember that 40 degrees day? Well with the lowest amount of rainfall in the UK since 1836 drought status has been declared across large parts of England.  The unexpected events this summer has reminded us of all about how the climate breakdown is […]

We interviewed Ed Hellings about what impact the ‘Using Less Stuff’ behaviour change programme has had on Queen Anne’s School.

Do heatwaves make you worry about global warming?

The UK will reach a whopping 40+ degrees today, hottest on record, heatwaves are almost 30 times more likely now as a result of climate change.  It is no secret – we all know we have a part to play in reducing our carbon emissions. Using Less Stuff is ultimately all […]

Five ways you could be ‘using less stuff’ in your organisation – and how I can help you!

It is no secret – we all know we have a part to play in reducing our carbon emissions.   Using Less Stuff is ultimately all about making our organisations more sustainable and saving them money in the process.   We understand it isn’t always easy. Budgets are tight and there is […]


The prospect of a 50% rise in energy bills means many of us are concerned if we can afford our heating and electricity. Despite the measures the Government is putting in place, such as rebates on council tax, to soften the blow, this won’t solve the impact of the price […]

Did you know?

Highlighting Energy and Water spend in Schools Did you know, according to the Institute of School Business Leadership, on average a secondary school will spend £41 per pupil on energy and £7.84 per pupil on water per square metre of floor space? In an average secondary school of 981 pupils […]

Wishing you all a happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas

Part Time Job – Blog Writer On Sustainability Products And News

Here at Using Less we are trying to start a movement within business (and at home) towards Using Less Stuff, its the simplest and easiest way us humans can start to reduce our impact on the planet. We are seeking someone who is passionate about all things relating to […]

How We Use Less – Part 4

For non-consumables and longer life products we tend to buy the biggest box or bottles available and then decant it down into smaller usable containers for the day to day usage. By buying in bulk you are effectively using less packaging which is much more environmentally friendly.

Emergency Lighting – Are you compliant?

In 2016 the Health and Safety Executive amended the emergency (BS 5266-1) for all business-related buildings across the UK (but also multi-storey dwellings). In this blog we will cover some of the main areas you need to be aware of and how we can help you.

Bring Your Own Container Shops

As we the great British public become more and more aware of the damage, we humans cause to our planet, it is good to see that the high street is now playing host to some very eco stores.

Winter is coming… Let’s get ready

The trees have begun to change colour and our sea of green will soon be gone and before you know it, we will be celebrating over the festive period.
Help save yourself some money this winter by following some of our simple tricks and tips.

How can The Cost Reduction Company & Using Less Stuff help your business?

To put it simply, we review your current costs and contracts, and report back to you on any cost savings we can make for you. With your go ahead we will then manage the project from start to finish.

How we Use Less – Part 3

This week, we continue our series about How We Use Less, and look at the steps we take to reduce our consumption in the Office. Most of these tips and tricks are easy to do but requires a change in our habits.

A new opportunity – Joining CRC as a partner

And now more than ever schools and businesses across the UK will be looking to reduce their costs and as an experienced business we are well placed to help.
As a partner you can help them with tariff/contract renewals, green consumption reducing products

A bigger issue than spilt milk

You may well be aware of the oil spill in Mauritius, but you may not understand why it is so serious. On the 25th July, the Japanese tanker, MV Wakashio ran aground causing some of its 4000-ton load of oil to spill out into the Indian ocean.

How we Use Less Stuff – Part 2

Food Shopping – this was probably my hardest challenge. How to reduce what I buy and waste when it comes to food. We are still not perfect, and we do still sadly waste food, but we have reduced our shopping spend and reduced how much we waste.

The aftermath

So, from more recent reports from the BBC it’s looking as if the pandemic has definitely had a positive impact on the environment and continues to be a much needed break for nature

How do we Use Less

Hello, yes so, I started becoming more environmentally conscious about two or three years ago and have slowly begun to add more things into my day to day life to reduce my impact on the environment. I guess I will just go through the steps I have taken.

Max out on government funding

Things are looking up for school’s as the government pledges £1bn over the next ten years towards ‘crumbling’ schools.

It’s time to plan ahead

Changing your habits now will lead you in good stead for when it really matters and come October, you’ll be a pro! There are several different ways to do this and we have compiled a list of eight top tips to help you.

Back to school? How do you feel about it?

As the number of new corona virus cases appear to be reducing, lockdown measures have begun to lift slowly. This includes certain year groups going back to school. This is (of course) an optional move and many parents have decided not to send their kids back for fear of a further spread of the pandemic.

The Double Spread – Social Distancing and the Environment

The onslaught of this sudden reaction does not only have health implications, it also has environmental consequences. We were finally giving our planet a break (even if it did take a global pandemic for this to happen), and carbon emissions are at an all-time low,

When the kids are away, can we still save over the summer?

So, two key things to look at, first, the price of energy, a quick effective way in the short term to save money. Secondly, consumption, the less we consume, the less we spend.

We have a conundrum…

It seems that since the outbreak of Covid-19, cars seem to have given way to other, more environmentally friendly modes of transport such as walking and cycling. Granted this is because there are a lot less people going into work due to the governments lockdown restrictions and people are taking up new healthy hobbies, but it is giving the environment a much-needed rest

Coronavirus (COVID-19):Have you truly switched off?

With Boris Johnson announcing the UK’s official Lockdown on 23rd March due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many of you will have been used to working from home for a while now. You may well have got past the initial shock and stress of this very unusual situation, and adapted to […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Saving Energy on a Lockdown Part II

Saving Energy at Home The UK is now officially under a lockdown. People are urged to stay at home and only leave for the essentials. People are worried about their finances and how they are going to afford the coming months. Where possible, cutting costs is a great way to […]

Coronavirus – The Silver Lining

Finding a light in the dark Nothing can take away the pain and disruption we are all experiencing from the coronavirus pandemic. Quite literally, we are all in this together. As schools and businesses around the globe close their doors and with futures uncertain, it’s difficult to find the light […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Saving Energy on a Lockdown

Saving Household Energy During a Lockdown By now you have heard about the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, it is spreading rapidly and will continue to do so for some time. The likelihood of a lockdown is somewhat inevitable, and we all need to prepare ourselves for this outcome. Many utilities and telecommunications […]

Where does all the plastic go?

The Plastic Pollution Problem Over 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year and half of this is for single-use purposes. Products with a lifespan less than a minute can take up to 1,000 years to degrade in landfills. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the […]

Companies taking a stance to reduce their environmental impact

What companies are doing their bit for the environment? More companies are beginning to shift their stance towards environmental policies. These companies have understood the importance of social responsibility and the need to change. Not only is this better for running costs and helping companies keep up with compliance requirements […]

You are what you eat

How food is impacting the environment Studies have proven that what we eat can have a big effect on the environment. The world’s food system is responsible for a quarter of the harmful greenhouse gases contributing to climate change every year. The impact by the food system is complex and […]

Climate Change in 2020

We are currently witnessing a scale of destruction that is devastating and terrifying. As we begin a new decade, we are already experiencing disastrous events which are having catastrophic effects on our livelihood, the environment and the future of the planet. We want to highlight the scale of damage and […]

5 Methods to become an Eco-school

School’s around the UK have already begun to make incremental changes into their eco-habits. The message of sustainability has never been clearer, and we should all now have some understanding of why we need to adapt our current lifestyle habits for greener choices. School’s have a significant impact on the […]

Tap Water vs Bottled Water

The Alternatives to Buying Bottled Water The UK’s water supply is among the best in the world. Yet many simply refuse to drink water from the tap due to the fear of the horrors within. If you don’t like to drink from the tap but are conscious of the amount […]

Living Sustainably: The 5 R’s

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle In order to tackle our waste issues. There are five practiced steps that can help you become a zero waster and improve everyday sustainability. Take a look at the 5 steps and methods used to reduce waste in your life. Refuse Step one in the […]

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Emissions We all want to live greener lives and know that we should be using less plastic, water and food. But most importantly, fewer emissions. Reducing your carbon emissions is a great place to start in your journey to using less. Keep reading for […]

Using Less Stuff

Using Less Stuff: Behaviour Change Programme Using Less Stuff was first introduced in 2014 following the creation of Nigel Ward’s (MD of The Cost Reduction Company) book, Using Less Stuff. The book was designed to highlight the key mistakes made when costing your school and business as well as the […]

7 Apps to Boost Sustainability

Our Favourite Apps to Implement Sustainability into Daily Life Entering a new year is the perfect time to go greener but maybe you don’t know where to start or how you can get involved. In today’s blog, we will be looking at 7 of our favourite sustainability apps which will […]

Why Using Less Stuff is Important

The Importance of Using Less Stuff The principle of Using Less Stuff is of greatest importance than it has ever been. As we enter a new decade, we are fully aware of the responsibilities we have to the planet for life to continue to thrive. Understanding why using less stuff […]

Sustainable Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution: Using Less Stuff With a week into the new year underway, we’re sure you’ve already begun to implement your new year resolutions into your daily life. If using less is not already one of your resolutions, then it should be! Using less stuff encompasses a range of […]

19 Eco-Friendly Outcomes for 2019

What did 2019 do for the environment? 2019 has seen phenomenal progress in the steps to combat climate change. A new wave of young activists has emerged helping to inspire and begin to change the future of the planet for the better. Technologies to tackle the effects already caused by […]

6 Tips For Unwanted Gifts

Don’t Just Throwaway Your Unloved Gifts This Christmas It is not uncommon to receive a present we don’t like at Christmas. In fact, it is estimated that 21 million British adults receive at least one unwanted gift each Christmas. Instead of throwing these away, consider doing something more ethical and […]

School’s Out For Christmas

Your Easy Checklist For The Holidays With school out for the Christmas holidays, it is the perfect time to stop energy waste. Doing this will save you money and prevent you from coming back to unnecessary energy bills. Check out our guide below with our top tips to save you […]

7 Energy Saving Tips at Christmas

How to Save Energy in Your Household This Christmas Christmas can be an expensive time of year, however, by following these energy-saving tips you are sure to save a few pounds! Below are 7 tips to help you to reduce the amount of energy you are using, the money you […]

Food Waste at Christmas

Food Waste at Christmas Christmas is a time for giving but sadly it is also a time for wasting. Food waste is a big problem in the UK, especially at Christmas. Last year it was estimated that 4.2 million Christmas dinners were thrown in the bin across the UK. This […]

Recycling Over Christmas Do’s and Don’ts

What Can Be Recycled Over Christmas? Over the Christmas period, there is about 30% more rubbish produced in the UK, which amounts to roughly 3 million tonnes of waste! A large amount of this is aluminium. Below we will be discussing some of the Christmas recycling do’s and don’ts. So, […]

5 Swaps For an Eco-Christmas

Follow Our Guide to Make Your Christmas More Environmentally Friendly With Our Christmas Swaps Do you want to save the planet’s natural resources? But you don’t want to be known as the man who ruined Christmas? Then follow our guide for some eco-friendly Christmas swaps you can implement into your […]

The Truth on The UK’s Climate Election

The Climate Debate: Who, What, How? Climate change has moved considerably up the priority list of issues surrounding the 2019 General Election. This theme was common amongst younger voters with a YouGov poll showing that 45% of 18 to 24-year olds put the environment as their second biggest concern after […]

The Truth About Food Waste

How to Prevent Food Waste in Your Home Food waste is a huge problem around the world. With one-third of the world’s food wasted each year (which is the equivalent to 1.3 billion tons) this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Consequently, it goes without saying, that something needs to be […]

Winterproof Your Home

How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter Winter is coming. Whilst we can’t promise to stop it from getting cold outside, we can give you some tips to keep it cosy inside. There are lots of simple things you can do to keep your home toasty this winter. Here […]

Using Less in Your Office

How to Use Less Stuff at Work There are multiple opportunities for you to make your office more environmentally friendly. From changing lighting systems through to turning the thermostat down. There are so many ways that you can make your office green. But what are some simple things you can […]

Changing Behaviours – Think Green

How to Change Behaviours in the Workplace to Think More Green Over recent years going green has become a hot topic. But what does it mean and how does it affect businesses? Going green is a lifestyle change. There is an increase in consumer demand to go green and companies […]

Tech Saving The Planet

3 Technologies Benefiting the Environment We may argue that technology has caused the environment more harm than good. Now, more than ever, the invention of new technology can make drastic changes to the world we live in. It can help to protect our eco-systems, increase sustainability and reduce our overall […]

The Truth About Smart Meters

What Are Smart Meters? Smart meters measure energy use and unlike your regular gas or electricity meter, it sends the data straight to your energy supplier. They are considered “smart” because they can provide detailed and accurate data on electrical usage in our homes in real-time or at predetermined intervals, […]

Saving Water in Daily Life

Why Saving Water Matters Saving water saves you money, is better for the environment, climate change and in securing our water supplies. As humans, we are so wasteful of our own resources and sometimes don’t think about the consequences of our careless behaviour. Especially as water is so readily available […]

Meat Free Schools

The Controversy Behind Meat Free Schools To celebrate World Vegan Day, today’s blog is dedicated to the School’s who have joined the meatless society and to inspire others who are keen to make a difference . There is constant news coverage highlighting how detrimental meat is for our planet and […]

Five Frightful Electrical Appliances

Five Frightful Electrical Appliances That Could Be Eating Up Your Energy Bill Spooky season is officially upon us, from haunted houses to horror films, Halloween can be one of the scariest nights of the year. But your energy bill doesn’t need to be quite so frightful. Take a look at […]

Plastic in Teabags… What’s next?

Plastic in Tea Bags… What’s next? Brits consume on average an impressive 165 million cups of tea a day! But did you know that most tea bags we use contain a plastic called polypropylene? This makes these tea bags noncompostable. Seeing as 96% of us tea-drinkers choose tea bags rather […]

10 Tips to Save Energy in Schools

10 Top Tips to Help Save Energy in Schools Schools use a lot of energy, most of this is wasted. What’s worse is that it’s not just energy being wasted but your money too! As budgets are limited, it’s important to take control of your energy usage and to start […]

ULS Team End of Term Report

The ULS Team End of Term Report The ULS Team need to collate all information before the end of the term to measure progress and determine how to proceed and which areas to tackle in the next term.  Commendations need to be given out and the ULS Cup to be [...]

Highly Commended Certificate

Highly Commended Certificate Many documents are available to download in different formats - simply click on the icon to the right (or below on mobile devices) to download the relevant format. Please remember that this document does not necessarily need to be printed. Simply click on the icon to the [...]

Communications: Letter to Parents

Points to make when Introducing Using Less Stuff to Parents  Using Less saves money for the school that can then be spent more directly on education.  It makes good economic business sense. Using Less engages pupils with diverse educational opportunities – from thermal imaging in physics to calculating energy use [...]

Explaining Using Less Stuff

Why Use Less? We need to educate ourselves that by using less energy, print, stationery, food etc. we will not just save our planet but also save money: Use Less. Waste Less. Cost Less. It makes perfect sense! Objective The aim of “Using Less Stuff” is to change the culture [...]

Starting Questionnaire

Energy Questionnaire Simply completely the short questionnaire below to give us a better understanding of how ULS can support you in achieving your energy saving targets. Once you've completed the form, simply click Submit and a member of our team will get in touch with you soon. [ninja_forms id=10]

LED Lighting Advantages

The latest technology in LED lighting has made it economically viable as costs are coming down and light intensity and colour rendering has improved considerably. LED lighting will save your organisation money – up to 80% - as well as help reduce maintenance costs and your carbon footprint. Here are [...]

In Depth Cost Audit Questions

Knowledge of current expenditure Do you know the cost to you of each supply? Do you know your highest non-core cost? Do you have a centralised accounting toll that can be interrogated by category/department etc?  Do budget holders have access to this? Do you know how many suppliers your business has? [...]

“My Bit” Summary of Commitment

ULS: "My Bit" Summary of Commitment Form Please remember to think before you print this document, it can be completed and stored without being printed.  Many documents are available to download in different formats - simply click on the relevant icon to the right (or below on mobile devices) to [...]

Top 10 Energy Tips

Top 10 Energy Conservation & Sustainability Tips For Schools Below are the top ten energy conservation and sustainability tips for classrooms and schools.  By adopting the behaviour below you can dramatically reduce the school’s energy costs and help your students and faculty to promote energy conservation and sustainability. 1. Turning [...]

The Using Less Stuff (ULS) Team

The Using Less Stuff Team: Your Role The ULS Team allows people within the school to make a difference together. The ULS Team has been created with a nominated leader and will consist of a cross section of all areas of the school including pupils, teaching staff and support staff. [...]

Standby Lesson Plan

Standby v switch off: does it really make a difference Discuss some aspects of energy-efficiency and energy wastage with students, and demonstrate how simple behavioural changes can have an impact on an individual’s energy consumption. The focus is particularly on the usage of devices such as TVs, and the impact [...]

“My Bit” Commitment Form

"My Bit" Commitment Form Please remember that this form can be completed and stored without being printed. Many documents are available to download in different formats - simply click on the relevant icon to the right (or below on mobile devices) to download the relevant format. Simply click on the [...]

Presentation for Governors

Presentation for Governors Please remember that in most cases you do not need to print these documents. Many documents are available to download in different formats - simply click on the relevant icon to the right (or below on mobile devices) to download the relevant format. Simply click on either [...]

PC Lesson Plan

How much energy does my PC use? Discuss energy-efficiency and energy wastage with students, and demonstrate how it relates to them as individuals on a daily basis as they use PCs at school and home.   LESSON OBJECTIVES Understand how to measure the electricity used by an electrical item See [...]

Using Less Stuff Team Meeting

ULS Team Meeting Term One Please remember that it is usually not necessary to print these documents. Many documents are available to download in different formats - simply click on the relevant icon to the right (or below on mobile devices) to download the relevant format. Simply click on either [...]

Department Head Commitment Form

Department Head Commitment Form Please remember that this document can be completed and stored without printing it. Many documents are available to download in different formats - simply click on the relevant icon to the right (or below on mobile devices) to download the relevant format. Simply click on the [...]

Cup of Tea Lesson Plan

How much does it cost to make a cup of tea? Discuss energy-efficiency and energy wastage with students, and demonstrate how simple behavioural changes can have an impact on an individual’s energy consumption. LESSON OBJECTIVES Understand how to measure the electricity used by an electrical item Calculate the cost of [...]

The 3 R’s – Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle info sheet for children Reduce: Reduce means to use less stuff in the first place!   If we all make less rubbish, there will be less of a problem to deal with!  This is the best way to deal with our waste.  Reducing the amount of [...]

Communications from Head

Once the senior management team have agreed that Using Less Stuff would be a great initiative for the whole school to get behind, the idea must be communicated to everyone associated with the school.. Information will need to go to: Governors Heads of departments Teachers Pupils Support staff Parents Everyone [...]

Using Less Stuff (Energy 3)

Using Less Methods: Energy 3 Once the first two energy programs are running efficiently in the school, the final phase of Using Less energy can be put into action. Replace lights around the school with low energy lights (it’s less expensive to do this when the bulbs currently in use [...]

Using Less Stuff (Energy 2)

Using Less Methods: Energy 2 Once the school is used to the simplest methods of Using Less Energy we can start to look at other ways of reducing energy consumption around the school. Turn down the brightness on all televisions, computers and smart boards around the school. Unplug your laptop [...]

Using Less Stuff (Energy 1)

Using Less Methods: Energy 1 Simple methods of consumption reduction are often the most effective. Here are a few things we can do to begin Using Less energy in your school. Turn all plugs off at the switch. Turn appliances off when they’re not in use; do not leave them [...]

What are Water Source Heat Pumps?

Water source heat pumps work on a similar principle to both air source and ground source heat pumps. Instead of taking advantage of the heat in the air or the ground, they take advantage of the relatively consistent temperatures found in a body of water. A series of flexible pipework [...]

Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps for business & commercial use Ground source heat pumps can generate heat & hot water for businesses.  The sun transfers a substantial amount of heat energy into the ground. Ground source heat pumps use pipes, buried in the ground, to absorb this heat. It circulates a [...]

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are more efficient than oil, gas, and electric resistance heating in mild climates but they are less efficient than ground source heat pumps because a ground source heat pump draws energy from the ground which is warmer than the external air in winter. However, air source [...]

Using Less Stuff (Water 1)

Using Less Methods: Water 1 Below is a list of simple ways you can start to reduce water consumption in your school. Put signs next to taps to remind people not to leave the tap running when they’re brushing their teeth. Fix all leaking taps. A tap that drips every [...]

Using Less Stuff (Gas 1)

Using Less Methods: Gas 1 Below is a list of methods that will help reduce consumption of gas in your school: Modify the school’s heating settings. Set the classrooms to 18°C, corridors and sport areas to 15°C and housing areas at 21°C. Use timers on kitchen equipment so ovens are [...]

Using Less Stuff (Water 2)

Using Less Methods: Water 2 Once the school is used to using the ideas from Water 1 it can move onto using these methods. Monitor water usage over night to check for leakages. Place dye in loo cisterns to check for leakages. Install rainwater collection tanks. Rainwater can be used [...]

Using Less Stuff (Stationery 1)

Using Less Methods: Stationery 1 Below is a list of simple things you can do to Use Less stationery in your school. Set all printers to print double sided. Submit work electronically. Re-use all scrap paper or alternatively take it for use in the art department. Clear the school of [...]

Using Less Stuff (Waste 1)

Using Less Methods: Waste 1 Below is a list of ways you can begin to reduce the amount of waste in your school. Weigh food after each meal and try to reduce weight daily. Hold ‘No Waste’ days. Start a wormery in the biology department so food waste is made [...]