The Importance of Using Less Stuff

The principle of Using Less Stuff is of greatest importance than it has ever been. As we enter a new decade, we are fully aware of the responsibilities we have to the planet for life to continue to thrive. Understanding why using less stuff is important will drastically impact the scale of change. Without understanding the severity of the why, the speed of change will not be as great.

Why using less stuff is important can be broken down into three categories; environmental, social and economic. Within this post, we will explore the different reasons why using less stuff is important and hope that you can begin the using less mantra into your everyday life.


With #AustraliaisBurning trending after bushfires have so far consumed 6.3 million hectares of bush, forest, and parks in Australia and with an estimated half a million animals killed, it shouldn’t come as a shock that people are concerned over the environmental health of the planet. The environment is for many the leading reason as to why we should strive to live greener lives through using less.

Reducing pollution is an important starting point for your using less stuff journey and vastly beneficial to the environment. You can use less by reducing how often you drive your car. By doing this you will be reducing your carbon footprint and producing fewer emissions into the earth.

Using less stuff is important because it encourages you to protect the earth’s finite natural resources. Water is so valuable yet often its value is neglected. To help this, if you chose to banish eating meat from your diet, every year you would save roughly 219,000 gallons of water. You don’t need to go t-total, even just eating vegan once a week will have a positive effect on the environment.

Lastly using less stuff is important for the environment because it teaches you to reduce the amount you waste. This can be something as simple as turning off the tap between rinses whilst brushing your teeth or using a reusable keep cup for your hot drinks in order to prevent plastic being wasted. In turn, this will also help to protect habitats with less plastic polluting our oceans, beaches, and landscapes.


Not only does using less stuff benefit the environment but it is also positive socially. Using less stuff is all about teamwork with the idea that everyone should be involved for substantial differences to be made. In turn, whether you are working in a school or an office, a happier team will result in a more productive business.

Lastly, another benefit of Using Less Stuff is that it enables education for social responsibility. It reminds us that we each need to be personally responsible for what is happening in the world.


Although economic benefits are not the most important reasons for using less (it may be for some), they are a contributing factor for the overall importance. Using less will save you money. If you reduce how much you are spending on your gas or electricity bills, you can use that money for your own personal use or invest it in greener technology like solar.

Through the principle of using less, you can help your business to grow economically. As using less stuff promotes teamwork, this should help your business to experience higher profits. Reducing the amount you use, will also save money even if it is simply by cutting out the costs of not buying plastic cups because staff are encouraged to bring in their own reusable bottles. There are so many ways to save with using less stuff.


Implementing using less stuff into your business or personal life will allow you to see positive changes that come along with it. With so many unfortunate events happening around the world and the knowledge that we are the cause of the problem, there is no better reason to get involved and to use less stuff!


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