Hello and Welcome

The ‘Using Less Stuff Behaviour Change Programme’ has been split into 7 sections, they will help guide you through the whole process.  From reducing costs and consumption, along with changing the mindsets of all individuals across the school.

The idea behind cost/consumption reduction is a relativity simple one, the aim is to generate revenue without having to make additional sales, by drawing out benefits from elements that are already available to you – you just have to put in the work to find them or to reduce consumption through best practice management of products and services.

The trouble is most businesses don’t have the time to carry out the process by themselves and can spend thousands out-sourcing tasks to others, often to find out only further down the line that only half the job was done.

It all boils down to one indisputable truth: reducing costs is a proactive strategy, not a reactive task! We have found that most businesses already had their hands full dealing with more immediate issues than reducing costs/consumption.

Through this programme and others, we will take you through the steps needed to achieve a mindset change within your School/Business to ensure you reduce costs and consumption.


1. Getting Started

This first part of the section will guide you through the important first steps.


2. Changing Minds and Behaviours

How to tackle change and embed new habits.


3. Analysis, Monitoring and Recording

How to: Analysis, Monitoring & Recording.


4. Setting Goals

A how to guide to Setting Goals


5. Projects

Lots of Using Less Stuff ideas; includes lesson plans and extra curriculum activities!


6. Measuring Success

A how to guide to sharing success


7. The Circle of ULS

Continuing to Use Less Stuff!