This first part of the section will guide you through the important first steps.

Along with the programme content we have also provided a lot of additional support materials.  For example in this section we have included support documentation, which will aid you in setting up teams and understanding your starting point.  In the most part these documents have been provided as word or excel documents so that you can customise them to your school.

Please click on the ‘Materials’ Tab above for the first of your documents, you will find links to a planner chart

Section 1 – Getting Started

Module 1: Introduction – This module will help you start up your Using Less Stuff Programme. It will layout the 1st steps needed, from setting up your ULS Team to a project control document.

Module 2: Senior Management Commitment – This module will help you understand the importance of your senior staff members when trying to bring about change.

Module 3: Using Less Stuff Committee – This module looks at how the school can and should be involved with ULS Programme, along with support around setting up your ULS Team/Committee

Module 4: Setting Goals – This moduie gives you the tools and tips on managing and setting targets/goals

Module 5: Projects – This module is all about ideas and projects, what you can do to reduce your consumption. This module will be updated regularlly with new projects. We are also including lesson plans and ideas so that Using Less Stuff can be built into the curriculum.

Module 6: Measuring Success – This moduie explains the importance of reviewing and sharing of the projects you undertake within the Using Less Programme.

Module 7: The Circle of ULS – This module looks at continuous improvement, new technologies and possible funding options, which will allow you to continue the ULS Programme.