Nigel has 30 years’ experience working in business. After 5 years in the Army he worked as a Retail Director in Allied Breweries and helped develop several well-known brands including Pitcher & Piano Bars. Nigel identified a niche market in analysing and reducing costs for such organisations. Hence the idea of setting up the Cost Reduction Company in 2010, based in Henley on Thames where he has lived and worked for 25 years.

He targets businesses that want to combine cost savings with long term carbon reduction. As well as reducing cost, Nigel embraces opportunities to help clients to use less stuff, an aspiration widely discussed in society but rarely achieved in earnest without outside help.

Nigel’s book, Using Less Stuff, will be invaluable to any organisations interested in knowing how to motivate staff to be environmentally friendly and to promote personal responsibility.


David leads Senior Management and Politicians workshops to shift perspective and mindset – essential as the foundation of transformation strategies.

David studied his MBA at Manchester Business School. Following this he worked in agency marketing for some large organisations like Ford Motor Company and Littlewoods Group. He then worked in General Management in Telecoms, Media, Technology in the UK, USA, Europe and East negotiating innovative joint ventures.

David has built, bought and turned around companies from early stage to stock market. His success in Business turnarounds led to a structured methodology, also re-purposed for Public Sector. He has invested in early stage or underperforming companies. Transforming business models and management – increasing profits and value. He’s worked with investment companies including Angel, VC and Private Equity.

These models and tools were adapted for Local Government. His company works with many organisations on asset discovery, leverage, income generation, enterprise and productivity.


Kerry joined the company in July 2019 as the Operations Manager. It is her role to ensure everything run as quickly, quietly and smoothly as possible. The ethos being CRC and Using Less Stuff closely matches Kerry’s personal life. She made the conscious change over 15 years ago to change her behaviour towards the latest must-have gadgets and throw away fashion, instead, Kerry chooses to buy pre-owned products from technology to clothing and other household items.

With over 25 years of customer service and operational experience across retail, non-profit organisations and distribution services, it’s evident that Kerry has worked in some fast-paced environments. Her most enjoyable roles to date have been heading up the team at the Topman/ Topshop flagship store in Oxford Circus and working for Dragon; Peter Jones whilst at Data Select.


The youngest member of the team, Esme, is currently gaining qualifications in Digital Marketing to help work towards her dream goal of one day having her own business. She leads the company’s Digital Marketing Campaigns and has been heavily involved with the Using Less Stuff web content and design for the relaunch of the site.

Esme has grown up in a society that has begun to understand the damage that human impact is having on the planet and is a big promoter for all things green; she is enjoying her time with the company and it has inspired her to think more consciously to use less in her daily life. She has even written a book series for young children, Tom and Daisy’s adventures to save the planet, to generate passion from an early age.


Jon has spent the bulk of his business life in corporate retail working with Nigel in the early years at Allied Breweries in Central London as a Business Development Manager. Jon left Greene King in 2013 to set up his own Consultancy assisting clients to reduce their energy and operational costs and has lived in Chalfont, St Peter, Bucks for many years.

Jon is passionate in championing ‘all things green’ and driving awareness of the impact of carbon emissions on increased global warming. He is a qualified Commercial and Domestic Energy Assessor and given the synergies with CRC and their ‘Using Less Stuff’ programme, joined the company in January 2016. His main remit operationally is to support the ULS programme and manage client projects through to completion.


Having studied Politics and Law at Southampton University, Harriet worked for Motiveforce Group, a full-service marketing and incentives agency. She started as an Account Manager running corporate incentive campaigns, then ran the Awards Services and Buying Departments.

Her time at Motiveforce was cut short when her husband’s job took them to the Far East, where she taught English as a foreign language, worked as a marketing consultant for an interior design company, and learnt to speak Thai.

Back in the UK, now with three children, Harriet wrote a Thai Cookery book, ran Thai cooking demonstrations and designed several websites. Once her youngest child started in full time school in 2012 it felt like the right time to return to the workplace, and she joined The Cost Reduction Company.