About Us

Using Less Stuff is about reducing consumption and about how Using Less can hugely benefit your organisation both through reducing costs and working as a team towards a common goal.

The problem in most organisations is that there is a lone wolf howling in the dark about Using Less Stuff but nobody else is taking any notice!  However, with both energy prices and energy usage expected to rise and demand for resources increasing, no organisation can afford not to look at how they can Use Less Stuff.

The principle of Using Less is about educating for social responsibility.  We want everyone to make conscious decisions about how we use our resources – not so much about whether we recycle (although that is good) but to question if we really need to use the stuff in the first place?

The starting point in this process is knowing where you are right now.

  • How much are you using?
  • When are you using it?
  • Where are you using it?
  • Who is using it?

This is looking across all areas of expenditure including:

  • Oil, gas, electricity
  • Water
  • Paper, stationery, cleaning products
  • Food