Implementing the Using Less Stuff Plan

Now you need to get started with Using Less Stuff Programme
• Available from our shop are Using Less Stuff “my bit” cards where every single person in the school from the head downwards writes down their commitment to use Less Stuff. This can be a simple pledge to print on both sides of the paper or to make sure the lights are off in the classroom or even to make sure the cover is over the pool at the end of the day. These pledges need to be collated and the information distributed to heads of department, form teachers and house parents etc. to be followed up.
• In addition to the personal pledges, ask for ideas from everyone on how the school could Use Less and collect these ideas through the Using Less Stuff team.
• Identify some “quick wins” where a small goal can be reached and celebrated.
• Carry out a “you said, we did” process of feedback to ensure that everyone feels their ideas are valuable.
• Make teachers aware of the lesson plans available to download in our services section where they can implement Using Less Stuff into the curriculum. The lesson plans are available at no extra charge to our Premium members of the Using Less Stuff website.
• The Using Less Stuff team must keep the momentum going to start with until the process gains a momentum of its own. There are termly communication templates available to download to commend those who are doing well and feedback the success achieved so far.
• Make sure there is a very visible record of the success – a totaliser or equivalent showing how far until the first goal is reached and the reward is given.
• Keep setting goals, keep giving rewards and commendations.