The Using Less Stuff Team: Your Role

  • The ULS Team allows people within the school to make a difference together.
  • The ULS Team has been created with a nominated leader and will consist of a cross section of all areas of the school including pupils, teaching staff and support staff.
  • Each member of the ULS Team will be of equal importance and have different areas of influence and expertise. For instance, the kitchen staff will be in charge of reducing food waste, the pupils can inspire others to get involved, lead by example etc.
  • Your job is to promote ULS around the school, set goals for the school, decide on rewards and encourage participation and action.
  • The ULS Team will meet at the beginning of each term to set targets and plan new methods of Using Less.
  • The ULS Team will identify deserving recipients for both individual and house / class commendations and prizes.
  • At the end of each term the ULS Team will collate information and results to feedback to the whole school community..

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