Not long ago I was walking around a school with the maintenance manager two days after the school finished for half term.    

Whilst walking around discussing an upcoming project we were working with them on, we took a look into the sports hall, and he noticed he hadn’t switched off the radiators for half term.

He realised on his walk round he had been distracted by a phone call and thought he had switched them off. If we hadn’t of walked into the sports hall those radiators would have been on during the entire two-week break, blasting not only wasted energy but wasted money. 

What is the answer???


Some schools can span over a 100-acre space with over 1000 pupils. Classrooms, board houses, sports areas, changing rooms, offices, the list is endless, but the energy being consumed in those areas can also be endless. 

Metering provides you with real-time energy data that shows energy consumption throughout the school. We can identify what areas, such as the sports hall or individual boarding houses, are using the most energy in real-time or over days, weeks, months and even years. 

By having the metering in at this school, an exercise that would have taken no time at all, the maintenance team could have identified what areas were still using unnecessary consumption and then actioned this before leaving for half term! 

A simple, intuitive way to saving on energy bills and being more sustainable.

Using Less Stuff is the pathway to carbon net zero. 

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