Our Favourite Apps to Implement Sustainability into Daily Life

Entering a new year is the perfect time to go greener but maybe you don’t know where to start or how you can get involved. In today’s blog, we will be looking at 7 of our favourite sustainability apps which will allow you to make small yet significant changes to your life. The possibilities are endless with these apps and we’ll look to cover a broad range of sustainability topics from eliminating food waste to understanding how sustainable the products you’re buying really are!


Using your smartphone’s camera, Giki allows you to scan products at the supermarket to see how sustainable they are. Giki’s mission is to help people reduce their environmental impact and encourages people to live more sustainably. It provides users with the opportunity to find not only healthier products but also more ethical ones.

Currently, Giki has over 280,000 supermarket products, so there is a great opportunity for growth. Giki provides a range of services with intel on products that are free from animal testing as well as made from sustainable palm oil and even better packaging (with less plastic and more recycling). So, if you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and live a greener everyday life, Giki is a great place to start.


The next app making it to our top 7 is HappyCow; this app helps you find veggie and vegan restaurants near you in over 180 countries around the world. This can be super beneficial for travellers looking for a meatless plate to eat. As of the today, HappyCow has 119,091 total listings and like Giki is a growing business.

The app is perfect for any of you trialling Veganuary or those who simply want to reduce their meat intake. Similarly, this app is suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike looking for more inspiration and places to at nutritious food.


iHuerting is an app that teaches you how to build your very own urban garden. iHuerting will teach you the steps to become an urban farmer using your potentially minimal space to plant wonderful creations. The app reminds you when to water and fertilize your plants, as well as providing solutions to problems you may have like pests (in an organic way, of course). Using iHuerting will help to produce cleaner air for your home and lungs.


Do you want to know how you can implement more sustainable habits into your lifestyle? Then this app will be perfect for you. JouleBug helps you to discover new methods to go green. You can also participate in local and national challenges which gives you the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals with a passion for sustainability. The app also allows you to track your impact on the environment as well as progression.


Oreco allows you to track your impact on the climate using a footprint calculator. It provides you with great insight for understanding where you are now and the areas for improvement. The climate footprint calculator measures different parts of your life that connect it with global warming, from driving to your shopping habits and home energy efficiency choices. With over 5,000 installs, we see great potential for the future of the app.


This is up there with one of our favourite apps. OLIO is designed to combat food waste. It encourages users to share food instead of wasting it with the slogan ‘When did sharing food become weirder than wasting it?’ Olio connects neighbours and local businesses together to give away unused produce that would otherwise be thrown away. So far OLIO and its users have helped to save 435,224,004 litres of water as well as 2,901,153 portions of shared food. Well done OLIO!


Last but certainly not least is TAP, the TAP app shows nearby refill stations for your reusable bottle, to save you from buying a single-use plastic one! The app helps you to find water anywhere. Currently, Tap has over 35,000 refill stations in 30 countries and 7,300 cities including London, Sydney and New York.


With so many apps available to help us achieve sustainability in daily life, there is no excuse to not get involved. Learning your climate footprint is a great place to start and from here you can begin to make positive changes to your lifestyle. There are so many more apps out there to help you achieve your sustainability goals so watch out for part II!


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