The Alternatives to Buying Bottled Water

The UK’s water supply is among the best in the world. Yet many simply refuse to drink water from the tap due to the fear of the horrors within. If you don’t like to drink from the tap but are conscious of the amount of plastic water bottles you buy, then keep reading to find the solutions to reduce your plastic bottle usage.

What’s wrong with tap water?

One of the main concerns for individuals who refuse to drink from the tap is the harmful chemicals it contains. Chlorine is used to kill the harmful bacteria and to keep water germ free. Regular monitoring of water supplies takes place to ensure these levels are maintained to a safe standard. Whilst there is minimal chance that the chlorine will harm you, it can produce a chemical taste which some individuals find unpleasant.

If I don’t like tap water, what are the alternatives?

In the UK alone 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year. Many of these are discarded and end up polluting our rivers and seas. If a family of four, each uses one bottle a day that equates to 1,460 bottles a year. Every one of those 1,460 bottles take 450 years to break down. This is not a sustainable rate. Therefore, sustainable alternatives are essential. For those of you conscious about your carbon and plastic footprint, finding a solution to your plastic water bottle habit is crucial.


Bobble’s mission is to eliminate single use waste and has designed reusable drinking solutions with carbon filters that eliminates the taste and odour of chlorine from tap water. They lead with the slogan ‘Taste over Waste’. On the downside the filter is non-recyclable so when this need replacing this does go into general waste. Overall this is a cheap alternative to better tasting water.

Russell Hobbs Filtered Kettle

The chemicals from tap water can leave a bad taste in your hot drinks. The Russell Hobbs Purity Kettle has a built-in water filtration system that reduces limescale and chlorine. Whilst permanently absorbs any copper or lead that may occur from the tap. This ensures your water tastes pure even once it’s been boiled. Perfect for avid tea and coffee drinker who want to take the taste away from the standard tap water.

Virgin Pure Water

Albeit the most expensive alternative, the Virgin Pure Water goes through a triple filtration system and provides you with unlimited, instant hot, cold and ambient water whenever you want. It is energy efficient because requires no plastic bottles as well as saving you time and money. A family of four who spends £10 a week on water will be spending around £520 a year. One machine with installation fees included will cover this cost. Therefore, after your first year of usage the savings will be noticeable.

Filtered Taps

A water filter tap delivers filtered water on demand. As with the other products discussed, it reduces the taste of metal and chlorine and removes other impurities. They range in prices and are directly connected to your home water systems. There are even 5-way taps which can produce sparkling water on demand. They usually last for around 6 – 12 months and are a can be a cheaper alternative to the Virgin Pure Water.


Choosing to buy a filtration water system to help you eliminate your plastic footprint will save you money and help you get over your fear of tap water. Simply buying a water bottle with a filtered lid will have a great impact on your overall plastic waste. Remember that one plastic bottle takes 450 years to break down, that’s longer than your lifespan and your children’s and their children and probably their children too! Think the sustainable way.


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