Your Easy Checklist For The Holidays

With school out for the Christmas holidays, it is the perfect time to stop energy waste. Doing this will save you money and prevent you from coming back to unnecessary energy bills. Check out our guide below with our top tips to save you money off your bills and help the fight against climate change too.

Switch off the lights

If you don’t have the luxury of motion-sensor lighting, then it’s important that you remember to turn off the lights when you leave the building. Leaving the lights on in an office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1000 cups of tea – imagine how many cups of tea that means for a school who left their lights on over the holidays!

Unplug all printers and photocopiers

It’s true that turning appliances and equipment off at the plug saves more energy than leaving them on standby. If you turn a photocopier off at the plug overnight and on weekends you can save £42 and 183kg CO2 per year. If your school has five photocopiers that’s £210 plus 915kg CO2 per year. It’s important to remember that this figure is only for weekends and overnight so your savings over the holiday period could be substantial.

Turn off the heating

If you know that your gymnasium will be closed throughout the entirety of the holidays, then there is no reason to heat that building up… Heating buildings already accounts for 25% of the UK’s energy demand and 15% of its greenhouse gas emissions. To do your bit to help combat climate change have a think about the buildings that won’t be needing to be heated this holiday period.

Fixing any leaks

Checking for leaking taps is essential on your winter checklist. A slow drip can waste between 25 to 45 litres of water per day. That’s the same, if not more, to run a dishwasher! If it’s for the hot tap this will also require energy to heat up. Without detecting your school’s leaks, you could be losing a lot of money and wasting valuable resources.

Close the windows

Leaving your building windows open will cause unnecessary heat loss and waste energy. By leaving an office window open overnight this typically wastes the same amount of energy it is to drive a car 35 miles!

Turn PC’s off at the plug

A red light on a monitor or any other appliance will usually cost around £1 each year. This cost adds up, especially in Schools or corporate buildings. Switch it off at the plug to help save those energy bills from racking up.

Switching to a kettle from a water boiler

A commercial water boiler is ideal for saving time and money during the school day especially when there are lots of mugs to fill. However, when school’s out and only a few members of staff will be in, it may be more cost-effective to use a standard kettle.


To keep your budget under control and help put a stop to wastage follow the tips we have shared. Create a checklist for whoever will be last in the building. All they will need to do is simply tick a box. By doing this will help you to use less and save more!


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