What companies are doing their bit for the environment?

More companies are beginning to shift their stance towards environmental policies. These companies have understood the importance of social responsibility and the need to change. Not only is this better for running costs and helping companies keep up with compliance requirements but also for beneficial for the brand recognition.

What companies are making a conscious effort to change?


The company are committed to reducing their impact on the environment through reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by minimising transportation and increasing the use of clean fuels. They also have zero waste policies to ensure that nothing ends up in Landfill and strictly follow by the rule of “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

It’s important that companies like Disney are involved and passionate about reducing their impact, especially given that most of their target audience are the younger generation. Wall-E, a hit film produced in 2008 takes place in the future, where the Earth is an inhabitable planet covered in trash. The film highlights the deeper message of how we are affecting the environment and has an underlying warning that this could be our future, if we do not change our wasteful habits.


Google strives to build sustainability into ‘everything they do’. They are embracing the idea of a greener future by not only helping themselves but their suppliers to with its green supply chain management practices. Google highlights its commitment to going green through initiatives like powering its facilities with renewable energy sources and even bringing goats to trim grass! In fact, Google is the World’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy.


It should come as no surprise to see Tesla amongst the list of companies actively involved over its environmental practices. Innovators in sustainable energy, Tesla are looking to accelerate how the world achieves this. Currently Tesla only builds all-electric vehicles which are continuing to grow in popularity. Tesla’s Gigafactory in Sparks have manufacturing processes that would normally be powered by natural gas have been redesigned to avoid fossil fuels. The waste heat from equipment is also used to help keep the factory warm in winter.


Nike has a range of sustainably products which are made using materials like recycled polyester. It also uses renewable energy sources in manufacturing and their distribution centre, The Court, is powered entirely by renewable energy whilst recycling 95% of its waste.

Nike also go by a waste should not be waste policy and introduced a Reuse-A-Show scheme where sneakers can be recycled and transformed into Nike Grind Material. This is then used in performance products and sport surface. An innovative way to repurpose its product and reduce waste.


The companies mentioned in today’s post are just a handful of those making a conscious effort to reduce their environmental impact. Its important to remember that understanding the need to change is the most crucial first step. Innovators in business are also proving to be innovators for methods to combat waste and reduce their environmental impact. Sustainability is not something we should be looking to big companies to take control of but something we should all take personal responsibility over. Use less today, tomorrow and everyday after!


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