Why Use Less?

We need to educate ourselves that by using less energy, print, stationery, food etc. we will not just save our planet but also save money:

  • Use Less.
  • Waste Less.
  • Cost Less.

It makes perfect sense!



The aim of “Using Less Stuff” is to change the culture in the whole organisation from “Using Lots” to “Using Less”.  To include all Staff including support staff, cleaners, caterers etc.

The long term aim is for the whole community to understand the concept of “social responsibility” and reduce the usage of resources and therefore the cost of running and managing the organisation as a whole.


The benefits - what Using Less can do for you:

Using less saves you money.

It demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility.

It engages your staff.

It can generate positive PR with clients and staff as well as local and national media.

There’s a bigger picture too…

We all have a social responsibility to care for our environment and protect it for future generations.  All organisations should be at the front line of social responsibility.

Our aim is to deliver a culture of change – a whole organisation that is aware of the damage we can cause to our environment; and how we can all work together to eliminate the needless waste of our natural resources and SAVE MONEY!

  • Recognise the need to change:
  • Identify how much is currently used.
  • Get buy-in from the whole organisation to change:
  • Communication;
  • Key staff know of issues;
  • Need to have a focus; no lone voices!

What is required?

Culture Change

  • Cultural issues
  • Collective not Individual responsibility
  • How do we achieve it?
  • Feedback “You Said, We Did”
  • Senior Management team responds.


  • Set Savings goals.
  • How would the money be better spent?
  • ‘Prize’ target for the organisation.
  • Shared goal / focus.
  • Visible totaliser – model or electronic version on intranet.
  • Suggestions from all members of your organisation.

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