Knowledge of current expenditure

  • Do you know the cost to you of each supply?
  • Do you know your highest non-core cost?
  • Do you have a centralised accounting toll that can be interrogated by category/department etc?  Do budget holders have access to this?
  • Do you know how many suppliers your business has?
  • Are there multiple suppliers for single categories?
  • Are there formal reviews of suppliers and contracts done annually?
  • Are there special reasons why you do not fit the industry norms?
  • Can outsiders access your WiFi and networks?


  • Are you aware of what similar neighbouring businesses are spending on similar supplies?
  • Do you belong to a procurement group or similar association?
  • Do you follow best practice benchmarking of suppliers regularly?
  • Are you aware of your competitors/industry standard cost profiles?


  • Do you regularly read your meters?
  • Do you measure what you use?
  • Do you check supplier invoices against actual usage?
  • Who is your Energy Manager?
  • Are energy targets set and form part of managers’ performance evaluation?
  • Do you monitor consumption patterns for energy?
  • Do you monitor consumption patterns for non-energy products/services
  • Have you done an energy/accounting audit in the last 12 months?
  • Do your suppliers issue an invoice each time they make a delivery?
  • Do any of your suppliers do electronic invoicing and settlement?

Current procurement system

  • Do you have a list of intended projects and a campaign plan to achieve them as opportunity and resources arise?
  • Do you discuss options with colleagues regularly? How often?
  • Do you have a good knowledge of suitable supplier companies?
  • Do you feel well-informed about consumption reduction?
  • Do you believe that consumption reduction can only be achieved at an upfront cost?
  • Are you wary of consumption reduction initiatives?
  • Would rationalising supplier numbers enable economy of scale purchase to take place?
  • Is ordering centralised, or devolved to users?
  • Do you incentivise people to reduce consumption?
  • Do you think the cost of supplier administration could be improved in your Accounts Department?


  • Do you feel fully aware of current legislation regarding your services and operations.
  • Are you aware of levels of personal liability in the senior leadership team?
  • Who controls the central repository for registration/safety/compliance certificates?
  • Do the owners of individual areas look after their relevant certificates?
  • Do you have an itinerary of certificate expiration/renewal?
  • Do you have data access and safety policies in place?


  • Do you have the time required to achieve all your objectives?
  • Do staff have the time required to achieve all objectives set?


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