UK drought – Save water, save our planet!

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If temperatures weren’t bad enough this summer, remember that 40 degrees day? Well with the lowest amount of rainfall in the UK since 1836 drought status has been declared across large parts of England. 

The unexpected events this summer has reminded us of all about how the climate breakdown is a key factor to water shortage. Like always with climate change, we all need to do our bit.  

Water is life and soon it could be more precious than gold, it’s the nourishment for all living things on earth.  

Here are a few tips you can do to help save our water supplies: 

Shower for less

  1. Take a 5-minute shower or less, this can save up to 60 litres of water a time, now add that up weekly, monthly and yearly you can make a massive difference. An average family household can save up to 87,000 litres of water a year by doing this! 

Turn off the tap

2. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Something as simple as that can go a long way.

Reuse bath water

3. After getting out of a long soak in the tub think twice about pulling that plug. You can reuse that water in the garden to water your plants. The soil can even filter out chemicals from shower gel or shampoo so no excuses! 

The smallest of actions can make a massive difference in the goal to protect water supplies, the list is endless, and you can implement these changes right away. Its vitally important we all stand up and take action now.

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