We all know the importance of managing costs within a business, but how many businesses have the time or resources to do it thoroughly? 

How many businesses in the current climate can afford to dedicate time and resources to sustainability and consumption reduction?

This is where we @ CRC can help.  We have been in business since 2009 and have a wealth of experience in reducing costs and consumption.  We also have a range of highly experienced partners who help us achieve our client’s goals.

What do we do?

To put it simply, we review your current costs and contracts, and report back to you on any cost savings we can make for you.  With your go ahead we will then manage the project from start to finish. 

We also work with you to help you become more sustainable, via installing green energy or technologies like solar power or ground source heat pumps etc.

Through our sister site: Using Less Stuff we offer an online monthly subscription to our Using Less Stuff Behaviour Change Programme, which guides schools through the process of becoming self-sustainable.  The programme is designed to be used by the whole school, from governors through to cleaners, staff, parents and of course pupils.  The programme can be built into the school curriculum.

Using Less Stuff Behaviour Change Programme
What do we charge for our services?

Cost Reduction & Contract renewal services: We only charge for our services once we have started saving you money.  Once we have got the ball rolling with saving you money, then we charge 50% of the saving made, so there are no additional consultancy fees (We offer discounted rates for Education and Charities). 

For example, we work with you on your contract renewal and make you a saving of £5000, we would charge you £2500, leaving your business with the balance saving of £2500 to be reinvested however you want.  If we are unable to secure you a saving then no charge would be made, but your contracts will still have been renewed with no resource or time commitment from your business.

Compliance: For example, ESOS reports.  These types of services are managed on an agreed fee, which are dependent on the type of service.

Consumption Reduction & Sustainability: These services are managed either following our ‘No Saving No fee model’, or an agreed fee.  We have also designed an online behaviour change programme for schools which is paid for via a monthly subscription.

How do we work with you?
How we work with our clients – to save you time and money
 Some examples of how we have helped our clients
  • Energy contract renewal for a school – saved the client £851 on a 1-year contract
  • Energy contract renewal for a school – saved the client £4125 on a 1-year contract
  • Energy contract renewal for a school – saved the client £2000 on a 2-year contract
  • Photocopy/Printer renewal – reduced their average monthly charge from £50/month down to £5/month.  This was just through negotiating a better contract for them, not through reducing the amount they print.
  • VAT reclaim for a school – £30,000 rebate achieved
  • VAT reclaim for a letting agent – £10,000 rebate
  • Energy Complaint – our client’s incumbent supplier unfortunately ceased trading but the energy company who were awarded the clients supplies did not follow the correct processes, we managed the complaint on their behalf and got them a refund of £23,000
We can help you

Just let us know what areas you would like us to focus on and we will do the rest.

Call us on 01491 637377 or Email us at customerservice@usinglessstuff.com


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