We can’t quite get our head around how it is already July! So far 2020 has been a time of endless COVID-ridden trials and tribulations, but it appears we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout summer, it is easy to be led into a false sense of security with your energy bills, as during the hot months we are using a lot less energy such as heating and hot water. By the time, the warm weather is over we have often forgotten what it is like to pay the extra bills and are shocked when our outgoings suddenly increase. It is important to plan and think of ways to reduce your energy at home so the gap in utility bills between seasons is not as big. Changing your habits now will lead you in good stead for when it really matters and come October, you’ll be a pro! There are several different ways to do this and we have compiled a list of eight top tips to help you.

  • Remain consistent – you’re better off having your heating at a constant low heat, rather than turning it off and on continuously. It uses up a lot more energy for your boiler to get to a high heat from cold and vice versa.
  • Draw the curtains in the winter – this helps to keep a lot of the heat in the house. Alternatively, on a sunny day having the curtains open helps to warm the house up a lot.
  • Wash your clothes at 30/40 degrees – A higher temperature doesn’t necessarily do a better job anymore as more washing detergents are made to work with a lower heat.
  • Seal up your air leaks – Cold air leaking into the house in the winter months will cause you to turn your heating up. Sealing these in the summer is a good way to plan ahead.
  • Switch to LED lightbulbs – Energy efficient lightbulbs are the way to go. This issue isn’t as prevalent in the summer but come winter you will use your lights a lot more as daylight shortens.
  • Keep your showers short and pressure lower – Hot water account for around 20% of your energy bill so by reducing your shower time and keeping your water pressure slightly lower you can save money in the long run. Starting this habit now will mean you are set for winter.
  • Only heat the rooms you use most – By doing this you will use less energy around the rest of the house that you don’t find yourself using as often.
  • Cooking multiple meals at once – Cooker’s use up energy like no tomorrow, by making various meals at once and freezing them, it’ll save you more energy for the rest of the week.

So, there we have it – some great ways to get ahead of the game and save energy! These are things that us at the Cost Reduction Company have started to consider when preparing for the winter months. We know it is boring to think of this now as summer has just begun, lockdown is easing and all anyone wants to do is enjoy themselves in the sun – but trust us, you’ll thank us later! Alternatively drop us a line and let us know what areas you would like to make savings in and we can help you achieve these goals.

We would absolutely love to hear if you have any top tips for saving energy in the upcoming winter months – does anyone have any little quips they use to save money in winter? Please email us at customerservice@usinglessstuff.com or call us 01491 637377

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