3 months ago, we blogged about getting ready for winter, so that you do not spend or use too much. (It’s time to plan ahead). 

The trees have begun to change colour and our sea of green will soon be gone and before you know it, we will be celebrating over the festive period.

Help save yourself some money this winter by following some of our simple tricks and tips.

Time your heating

Check your timer switches to make sure your heating is running when you need it. If you can cut the time your heating is in use by one hour a day, you will be amazed at the difference this can make to your bill.

Set your Thermostat

Did you know you could save £60 a year by turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree? Time to grab the slippers and a cosy warm dressing gown.

Bleed the radiators

If your radiators do not seem to be getting as hot as they used to, then you might need to bleed your radiators. You can buy a radiator bleeding key in most DIY stores. Use the key release any trapped air that might be circulating around your central heating system.

Stop heat from rising

Those of us lucky enough to have lovely high ceilings might notice that keeping the house warm is hard – try putting a shelf up over the radiator to trap heat in the middle of the room.

Do not block the heat

Blocking the radiator with items like sofas is not energy efficient – as it means heat is absorbed by the item in front and the room will ultimately stay much colder.

Keep internal doors closed

Keeping doors closed within the house will trap heat in each room and mean you use less energy trying to warm up your house. To keep the room even cosier, use a thick mat to block the heat from escaping through the gap underneath the door.

Draw the curtains

A pair of thermal or thick curtains will work wonders at keeping the heat in your house, so when it is chilly outside close them and stay cosy. Conversely, on a sunny day, opening the curtains will let warmth in.

Open the oven door

Once you are done cooking, open the oven door and allow the excess heat to warm up your home instead of just wasting the heat by allowing the extractor fan to whip it up and take it outside.

Be ring efficient

Using a big cooker ring for a tiny pan is a huge waste of energy, as is putting a big pan on a tiny ring. If you are only cooking a small amount of food, ensure that you are only using a small pan on a small ring.

Plan meals ahead

Save energy by defrosting food overnight in the fridge instead of microwaving it.

Air dry clothes

If you have your heating on, do not waste more energy putting wet washing in the tumble dryer. You will be surprised at how quickly clothes dry hanging on an airer in a warm room – and your clothes will be far less creased than if they went in the dryer! BUT – do not dry clothes on radiators themselves, your boiler will be forced to work harder and use more energy.

Put on a jumper!

There is the old-fashioned ‘wear more layers’ approach! Add a jumper, you might be able to turn the heating off for an hour less each day and see if you notice.

Change to the Winter Bedding

Change out your lightweight summer bedding for a heavier TOG duvet. Opting for a bigger winter-weight duvet, will mean that you are nice and toasty in the morning. Add some extra blankets or throws to the bed to make it extra warm.

Do not use standby

By turning equipment off instead of leaving it on standby, you could save as much as £86 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

We hope this helps you save money this winter, whilst staying warm and cosy.  Have we missed anything, please let us know?  We would love to see you winter prep in action.

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