10 Top Tips to Help Save Energy in Schools

Schools use a lot of energy, most of this is wasted. What’s worse is that it’s not just energy being wasted but your money too! As budgets are limited, it’s important to take control of your energy usage and to start working towards sustainability within your School. Below are some of our top tips to help save energy in your School.

  1. Replace inefficient lighting fixtures. LED bulbs have an average rated life of 20,000 hours while filaments only last for around 1,000 hours. An energy bulb that uses 5 watts of power does the same as a filament that uses 40 watts. The energy savings are uncanny.
  2. Check and fix all leaking taps. A slow drip can waste between 25 to 45 litres of water per day. That’s the same, if not more, to run a dishwasher! Not only this hot water requires a lot of energy to heat up.
  3. Turn the heating down. Children have higher metabolic rates than adults so find it easier working in cooler environments. The Department of Education and Skills recommends 18°C for normal teaching.
  4. Occupancy sensors for lights. Occupancy sensors in less used areas like toilets or sports halls can save 30% to 50% on lighting costs.
  5. Switch off all appliances at the wall. A red light on a monitor or any other appliance will usually cost around £1 each year. This cost adds up, especially in Schools or corporate buildings. Switch it off at the plug or consider purchasing plug-in-seven-day timers.
  6. Keep classroom doors closed. Closed doors can limit thermal loss into unused rooms and the corridor. They also help to keep the cool air in too.  
  7. Take advantage of natural sunlight. You can reduce up to 19% on your lighting costs by making the most of the natural sunlight.
  8. Install SMART metering. Installing SMART metering improves your awareness of your energy consumption and allows you to closely track your usage and spend. Not only this SMART metering makes it easier to identify faulty appliances.
  9. Stop using kitchen equipment to warm the space. Implementing simple practices and raising awareness with your catering staff can reduce your energy bill by 25%. Avoid using kitchen equipment to warm up the space and remember to switch off cooking appliances immediately after use.
  10. Install thermal window film. Installing thermal window film can reduce heat loss by up to 40%, it does this by reflecting heat back into the room.

Remember that energy saving in Schools is not just for teachers. To really make a difference on your overall consumption and increase the Schools sustainability, everybody needs to get involved.


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