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Our ethos for joining The Cost Reduction Company as a partner (licensee) is

“There has never been a better time”

Due to Covid 19 pandemic this strapline has never been truer.

As the governments’ furlough scheme starts to wind down, companies up and down the country will be looking for ways to reduce their costs to either help them stay afloat or to remain profitable.

Unfortunately for a lot of businesses, staffing is one of the highest costs, so it is likely as we move through September and October, we will see a further rise in small businesses closing and redundancies.

There has never been a better time to join us as a licensee partner

With the number of unemployed increasing and the number of jobs decreasing, it will become harder and harder to find paid employment and then stand out from the crowd.  We are already seeing 300+ applicants per job.

So, is now the time to start looking at alternatives?

Here at The Cost Reduction Company (CRC) we are actively recruiting for new licensee partners to join us.

Working for yourself can be highly rewarding as you are able to see the effects of your hard work paying off, both financially and through self fulfilment.

Working for yourself can allow you the flexibility to manage family commitments, whether that be school events for your kids or taking your elderly Mum shopping. The role of a CRC licenced partner can be run on a full or part time basis.  You get out what you put in but work the hours that suit you and have the lifestyle you want.

Working for yourself but with guidance from an established business, means you can hit the ground running as you do not need to grow and develop the brand, or go through the start up process.  We give you all the tools and support you need to start earning as soon as possible.

And now more than ever schools and businesses across the UK will be looking to reduce their costs and as an experienced business we are well placed to help.

As a partner you can help them with tariff/contract renewals, green consumption reducing products (like LED lighting, pool covers, monitoring or newer technology like solar, wind or ground source) or even signing schools up to our Using Less Stuff Behaviour Change Programme.  We work with a variety of specially selected supplier partners, who are highly skilled and experts in their field. 

We believe in not just finding the cheapest price, but also about finding the right long-term solution for the client.  So, you might run a review on your client’s energy accounts after they highlight to you concerns over growing consumption (which in turn increases their costs).  Your energy report review whilst focused on energy and the price they pay for it, would also look to cover some areas you can help support them through reducing their physical consumption.  Initially this might be through installing some energy monitors to find and highlight areas of concern, introducing them to energy saving technology, like LED lighting, boiler controls, or energy generation products like solar panels or wind turbines.

The key to cost reduction and sustainability is managing for the future.

Help save the planet one business at a time by helping them become more sustainable, whilst reducing their costs.

What is a CRC/ULS licensed partner?

A licensee partner is a person who works for themselves under our brand – The Cost Reduction Company & Using Less Stuff.  You essentially are buying access to trade under our brand.  We don’t need you to know about how to reduce costs and consumption as we will offer an initial 2 day training course where we introduce the principles of  CRC and ULS, whilst giving you some of the skills you will need to grow your business.  You will be joining an established business, with your own client base and territory and you have access to all our approved suppliers and our head office team.  We continue to support you throughout your time with us, developing your skills, through regular partner meetings and mentoring.  We are constantly reviewing our core products and suppliers to ensure we are offering a full suite of cost and consumption products and green/eco technology.  Through this license you can earn from both active and passive income streams.

What skills do I need?

Being a licenced partner is all about building relationships and developing collaboration between us, your clients, and our suppliers.  So being open, supportive and a good listener are all key skills for this role. Other useful skills are attention to detail and problem solving.

You will have been used to presenting at board/ senior management level. The ability to pick up the phone and follow up leads generated by your previous relationships or new marketing initiatives.

Well-presented and enthusiastic to help your clients. You may have been an account manager/ account director. Middle manager or above.

You may also be returning to work after having had children and want to have the flexibility to bring up the kids and return to the workplace.

I would like to find out more, what do I do next?

First stop would be to visit our website: Join Us On our Join Us page you can download our full partner brochure to find out more detailed information.  From this page you can also set up a meeting (Virtually or via the phone) with our Managing Director and Founder, Nigel Ward (Just hit the red ‘BOOK ONLINE NOW’ button)

We also have an FAQ section on becoming a partner and what is involved: FAQs


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