Follow Our Guide to Make Your Christmas More Environmentally Friendly With Our Christmas Swaps

Reusable advent calendar as discussed in one of our eco Christmas swaps

Do you want to save the planet’s natural resources? But you don’t want to be known as the man who ruined Christmas? Then follow our guide for some eco-friendly Christmas swaps you can implement into your Christmas routines. Remember it’s never too late to find alternatives to make your Christmas a present for the earth.

Reuseable Advent Calendars

Create your own or buy a reusable calendar. These will last for generations! You can restock the treats each year with edible goodies or with fun-size ethical treats like handmade soaps or candles. What’s more these calendars come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so there will always be something you like. If you’re thinking about getting one, wait till the December sales and you could grab yourself a bargain!

E-Cards Instead of Paper

1.5 billion Christmas cards end up in the bin in the UK alone. Unfortunately, some of this throwaway could even be recycled. If you want to prevent paper wastage, why not send an E-Card (this can also save you money with some cards being free).

If you’re a card lover yourself, why not try to make your own with any crafting material you may have. If DIY is not your thing, look for the forest-friendly cards with the FCS stamp.

LED Christmas Lights

An easy change that everyone can make is ensuring your lights are LED and if they aren’t, it’s worth the swap! LED lights use roughly 75% less energy and can last nearly 25% longer than your standard lights. Knowing you can save both energy and money, why wouldn’t you ditch and switch?

Think About The Food

Christmas day without turkey? Blasphemy! This one might be hard to hear for the meat lovers out there. But it’s true that the agricultural industry has a huge impact on the environment. With around 2 million turkeys being killed in December alone in the UK this should come as no surprise. Perhaps ask yourself this – do I need the whole turkey or just the crown?

If you aren’t looking to cut out the meat, then look to locally source your food. Shopping locally is better for the environment, so using your own bags go and buy some fruit and veg (loose if possible, to reduce the amount of plastic) from your local farm shop or supermarket.

Christmas Crackers Without The Plastic

Replace single-use crackers with reusable ones. Alternatively, you can find eco-friendly crackers in chain stores as well as some local independent shops. They are fully recyclable and contain plastic-free gifts. One of our favourites is the Nancy and Betty range.


We understand that Christmas can be a wasteful time of year and that you want to avoid as much wastage as possible. Whilst actively thinking about the environment too. Any one of our five Christmas swaps is a step in the right direction. Let’s give back to the planet this year and if you do make a swap with any of the above be sure to get in touch, we would love to know!


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