Why Me, Why Us, Why Now?

Why Me?

Have you ever thought about making a change to your habits or lifestyle and then stopped and thought “One person won’t make a difference?” If everyone thought like this then nothing would ever change. To take responsibility we must act as if what we do as individuals make a difference because ultimately, it does.

Because you a reading this right now, you are taking your first steps to making a positive change, not just for yourself but the environment, your staff, your pupils and greater society. We often mention how in most organisations there is a lone wolf howling in the dark about the looming global crisis but nobody else is taking a blind bit of notice. The environmental experts have been shouting for the rest of us to change our consumption habits for years. So, it’s about time, we made that change…


Why Us?

As an organisation we each need to take responsibility for the damage we are causing on our environment. Running an environmentally friendly business helps you reduce your impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. By making your business environmentally friendly it will not only benefit the environment but it can also save you money. By reducing your costs and freeing up cash-flow you will be able to start thinking creatively about whole new worlds of possibility. Your staff will feel as if they are part of something interesting and dynamic if they can see that money is being invested in moving the company forward; encouraging them to work even harder and take greater pride in their work.

Not only will it impact your staff, your pupils will also be motivated to make a difference too. We often refer to school’s being the close guardians of the next generation. By making positive changes you will have an influential and detrimental impact on the opinions and mindsets of your pupils.

Making a change to reducing your consumption will start a chain reaction amongst school’s and other businesses and you will be the catalyst. Once one person notices the positive impact making these changes can be, the news will spread and soon everyone will follow in your footsteps.


Why Now?

United Kingdom is striving towards a Net Zero emissions target by 2050, so the sooner you start, the less problems you will face later on down the line. To make this achievable it will require total involvement by both political leadership and the public. In a few years time, polluting activities should incur more tax, by doing something now you won’t have to face those penalties later on.

By promoting sustainability and your environmentally friendly methods you will be setting your organisation apart from your competitors and this in turn will attract new pupils, parents and staff. It will also help to promote positive word-of-mouth.



What are change management exercises?

Change management exercises are activities that encourage people to reduce their resistance to change. Typically played at the beginning of a meeting or work retreat, these exercises break the ice to open communication about the upcoming change, anticipate their concerns and understand the benefits of getting on board.


Below are seven entertaining exercises aimed at helping people overcome their fear of change and advance the company’s best interests at the same time.