About Using Less

Costing Less

Do you think your business could be paying less for the utilities that you are using?

Let us analyse your bills for free and we will send you a short report with feedback on the charges you are paying and indicating whether we feel we can save you money.

We can look at electricity, gas, photocopying, oil and water, just fill in a simple form, sign a letter of authority and email us a copy of your bill. We will do the rest.

Using Less

We all need to think about Using Less Stuff. There is a lot of talk about recycling but the real issue is that we use too much stuff in the first place.

Wasting Less

Rising utility prices means a small reduction in waste gives a large reduction in cost.

Costing Less

All organisations need more cashflow. Why give it away, use it to invest in your organisation?

The starting point in this process is knowing where you are right now.

  • How much are you using?
  • When are you using it?
  • Where are you using it?
  • Who is using it?

This is looking across all areas of expenditure including:

  • Oil, gas, electricity
  • Water
  • Paper, stationery, cleaning products
  • Food

There are several ways that we can help you with your journey to Use Less Stuff.

1. Where are we now? Energy Survey

This will look at the whole organisation and establish where you are now, what are the low cost, quick fixes and what are the longer term projects for reducing energy use.

2. Where are we using it? Monitoring Use

Once you know what you are Using Now, you can begin to work out how to Use Less.  This software will show how your energy use is being reduced with each new initiative.

3. Renewable Technology

There are many options in renewable technology and new innovations all the time.  New installations can be funded with no up-front cost and aim to be cash positive from day 1.

4. How can we Use Less? Behaviour Change

Every single person associated with the organisation can get behind this.  Collective responsibility to work out what can be turned down, turned off or conserved?

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