How do we ensure everyone is involved?  We need to communicate with all sections of the school and work out who is responsible for communicating with each area.

Governors – The head or bursar should present to the governors on how the school is following the Using Less Stuff programme.  There is an example presentation available to download for this purpose.

Staff – use the opportunity of an inset day, ensure that the heads of each department are responsible for communication with their staff.  There is a template available to record the commitment of each department and what they have elected to do to Use Less Stuff.

Pupils – the topic will need to be introduced to the whole school, this is often best done via an assembly.  Competitions can be set up with prizes for the best performing class / year / house.  A trophy and / or reward is always good for creating results.  There is also a template certificate available to be downloaded and presented to those individuals who have stood out from the crowd.  There are also stickers, pins and badges available from our shop which are worn with pride.

Support Staff – are often the final line of defence and communication with them are essential.  The cleaning / maintenance staff can record how often lights were left on and windows were left open.  They can check that plug sockets that are meant to be switched off have been.  In our shop you will find stickers that can be applied to plugs to inform everyone what is meant to happen with each socket.  The kitchen staff are obviously vital in the reduction of food waste.

Parents – inform the parents that the school is going to be Using Less Stuff and include all the reasons why.  They need to be reassured that this does not mean a reduction in heating and comfort or that their children will be hungry!  It is a reduction in waste and a better use of the resources of the school.  They can be informed of the educational benefits and may even find a positive result in their homes!  There is a template communication for parents available to download.

To download all the templates mentioned above and many others please go to our download section by clicking on the icon to the left.  These are all available at no extra charge to Premium members of the Using Less Stuff website.

Please remember that the documents usually do not need to be printed.  They can be completed and stored digitally.