Management Commitment

It is important for the senior management team to recognise the need for change.

Within many schools and organisations there are a few lone voices talking about the rainforest, the polar bears etc and, whilst everyone agrees that “something has to be done” there is very much the attitude that someone else will do it.


“Not my job Guv!” and “I’m much too busy” come out all the time.  Really?  How much time does it really take to power down your computer at the end of the day, turn off the heating, switch off the lights if you are the last one out?  An important part of the Using Less Stuff programme is to help ensure that everyone in the school takes responsibility for these simple steps, and others they will come up with themselves.


Points to make as part of the buy-in proposal to senior management:

  • Using Less saves money that can then be spent on other things. It makes good economic business sense.


  • Using Less engages pupils with diverse educational opportunities – from thermal imaging in physics to calculating energy use in maths and creating draft proofing in design technology. And many more.


  • Using Less generates very positive PR with 98% approval ratings from parents


  • Using Less projects teach pupils about their position in the wider community and the effect their choices can have around the world.


  • Using Less can give the school an important point of difference to attract new parents in a competitive education market.

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