Creating the Using Less Stuff Team

Who do you want on the team?

Firstly, who is your ‘go to’ person when you want something to actually get done?  This is the person you need to lead the team, or at least get them on board early in the process.

By all means include people in the team who have an interest in eco issues but the leader of the team needs to be someone who is dynamic and who can bring people on board.

Ensure there is a balance of people who get stuff done.  These are the people who are going to create the momentum of Using Less Stuff thoughout the school.

The Team needs to represent all areas of the school including pupils, teachers (often PE staff work well) and support staff (maintenance, cleaners, catering).

You can also include parents and governors if you have suitable people who will contribute to the process and who will be available for meetings.

Appoint a leader of the team and a communicator.

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