Set Goals and Proposals

Setting goals requires us to know where we are now – the starting point – and there are several ways of doing this:

  • Commission an energy survey to help identify usage in the different buildings and give you a thorough report of the current situation. The report will identify quick wins and longer term projects. An energy survery is available at a discounted rate for Premium Using Less Stuff members.  Click here for more information on an energy survey.


  • Analyse bills on various areas including energy, water, waste etc. to see where the money is being spent at the moment.


  • Identify how you plan to measure success. Energy can be measured through monitoring systems but there are other ways too; how many times were the lights left on? What is the value of energy saved? How many waste collections are being made? How much paper is being used?


  • Agree the targets you are aiming for and criteria for measurement based on the above e.g. reduce energy by 5%, food waste by 20%, lights were left on four times per week and now regularly only once.


  • What will be the reward for success? g. new minibus, playground equipment, pizza all round etc.