There have been a number of new technologies developed to help combat climate change. All of which play a significant role into the Using Less Stuff Programme.  We have in this module provided you with some additional information on some of the technologies out there that could support your efforts to reduce consumption and hugely reduce the use of fossil fuels.

  1. Wind Power – Wind Turbines harvest the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity. They cut your electricity and they cut your carbon footprint. The UK is the world leader in offshore wind with more installed capacity than any other country.
  2. Solar Power – Solar Panel Electricity Systems sometimes known as photovoltaics captures the sun’s energy. They don’t even require direct sunlight to work.
  3. Source Heat Pumps – Air, Water and Ground – these are more efficient/economical than traditional oil, gas, and electric resistance heating in mild climates
  4. LED lighting – There are two main types of energy efficient light bulbs in the UK: Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Replacing one traditional light bulb of the same brightness will save you up to £2 per year. (For a school, that’s a lot of lights)
  5. Electric Vehicles – Pure EVs, Plugin Hybrids and extended range electric vehicles (whilst driven on electric power) emit a zero tail-pipe carbon dioxide emission. They are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel cars.
  6. IT Technology – reduce paper consumption through the smart use of technology to stop un-necessary printing.

Some Things to Look out for: