We all have so many ambitions and hopes however sometimes money can be a problem. Below are some fun ways to raise funding in your school for e.g. a new monitoring system or new lighting in the sports hall.

  • Sell School merchandise/ Using Less Stuff merchandise.
  • You could hold an annual ‘Green Fair’ where all the money made contributes.
  • School Fundraising
  • Ask for donations (not necessarily something we all like to do however some parents will feel very passionate about Using Less Stuff and would definitely be willing).
  • ‘Vegan Bake-sale’ to encourage healthy living.
  • You can recycle empty ink cartridges, visit Empties Please
  • Negotiate better pricing on your utilities bills and invest the savings made into sustainability projects
  • Team up with a car boot sale organiser who will pay the school a percentage from each car’s entry fee
  • Provide car parks as additional parking facilities for nearby events
  • Offer a varied timetable of evening and weekend adult education classes
  • Set up an on-site cafe to generate income from pupils, staff and visitors

There’s lots of ways to raise money, why not ask the pupils what they think they can do to help?