LED vs Halogen Lighting
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Comparing LEDs with Traditional Halogen Lighting


LED bulbs are the (relative) new kids on the block when it comes to home lighting and if you go in to a shop today to buy one you will see that they are considerably more expensive to purchase than traditional halogen bulbs. Is the extra upfront expense worth it?

The answer, as our numbers suggest below, is a resounding yes!



The table below shows the lifetime costs associated with running a 5w LED spotlight versus a 50w halogen spotlight.

Light bulb Type 5W LED Spot 50 Watt Halogen
Light bulb projected Lifespan (Hrs) 24,000 2,000
Cost per bulb £5.00 £1.50
kWh of electricity used over 24,000 hours 120 1,200
Cost of electricity (@ £0.15 / kWh) £18.00 £180.00
Bulbs needed to last 24,000 hours 1 12
Bulb expense £5.00 £18.00
Total cost for buying and running the bulb £23.00 £198.00


So this shows that for each halogen bulb you replace with an LED equivalent, you are potentially going to save £175 over its lifetime.


The table below shows you typical savings per year – based on 5 hours usage per day (typical for a kitchen or lounge).

Light bulb Type 5W LED Spot 50 Watt Halogen
kWh used per year 9.13 91.25
Cost of electricity per year (@ £0.15 / kWh) £1.37 £13.69

So based on the fact that you are saving about £12 per year on each bulb, the payback is a little over a year if you were to use them for 5 hours per day!

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